Once your application is approved, there’s still some work that needs to be done. Here’s a checklist to follow, so you don’t forget anything.

☑️ Obtain Level 1 Certificate: Find a seminar near you.

☑️ Application: Essay must be approved.

☑️ Name: Your affiliate name must be approved before you do anything else. This will inform the rest of the checklist.

☑️ Location: We will ensure the location is within our guidelines.

☑️ Insurance: All U.S. affiliates are required to have insurance. While we don't require insurance outside of the U.S., it is recommended.

☑️ License agreement: Your agreement needs to be signed via DocuSign.

☑️ Payment: There are many ways to pay, depending on the subsidiary you fall under.

☑️ Website: We require a website for all CrossFit affiliates.

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