Once you have an approved application, name, location, and insurance, now we can start thinking about a website. All CrossFit affiliates are required to have a website that we link to our Affiliate Finder Map and Affiliate List.

As you set up your website, make sure you’ve met all these requirements:

  • First, please do not register a CrossFit domain name until after your application and affiliate name have been approved.

  • You must have the CrossFit logo/link on your CrossFit homepage.

  • If your gym offers more options than just CrossFit, your website should have a separate CrossFit page or tab on your website.

  • All links to CrossFit material must be links to CrossFit.com sites. You may not use locally hosted versions of CrossFit material (e.g. PDF files, etc.).

  • Please ensure all content on your site is original or properly attributed. If you copy or paraphrase any content from CrossFit.com or another affiliate, you must give proper credit. “Courtesy of CrossFit, LLC” will do the trick.

  • All photos from CrossFit.com, as well as all CrossFit logos and graphics, are copyrighted by CrossFit, LLC, and may not be used without permission and attribution.

  • No wholesale reproduction of main site content is authorized. Please link instead.

  • Your CrossFit name should be placed prominently on your website. And always remember that the “F” in CrossFit is capitalized.

  • The affiliate name provided on the site should be exactly the same name used in the license agreement.

  • Include actual location (city, state) and contact information somewhere prominent on the site.

Have questions? Check out our list of articles or email affiliatesupport@crossfit.com.

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