What is an Affiliate Roundtable?

The CrossFit Affiliate Roundtable program is a platform that will give you the chance to connect with other affiliate owners around the world. You’ll be able to ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback from peers and colleagues in the business in a meeting that is built on openness, confidentiality, and trust.

How does it work?

Each roundtable will include nine members, one of whom will be the moderator. You'll meet on a regular cadence (monthly or once every two weeks) indefinitely. Moderators will receive additional training on how to support running efficient meetings, so each conversation can feel like time well spent.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the CrossFit Affiliate Roundtables is to develop relationships, share best practices, and have meaningful conversations in a small, safe, and private environment. All roundtable discussions are completely confidential. Everything said in your roundtable stays in your roundtable. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of creating a safe space where everyone feels comfortable sharing.

What are the benefits?

The many benefits of roundtables can be put broadly into two categories:

Business benefits—Simply put, you'll benefit from sharing experiences with your peers around the specific business issues you're facing. You'll make better decisions, create clearer business goals, have more confidence in your actions, and be inspired to stretch yourself outside of your comfort level.

Personal and family benefits—Perhaps the less obvious way roundtables support transformation is through the way they help us realize our lives are not compartmentalized, even though we may live that way at times. The reality is that what’s affecting us in our personal lives impacts our business. We all go through wonderful and challenging moments. Your roundtable is an opportunity to share and celebrate the best of those experiences while receiving support as we weather the most difficult.

What's required of roundtable members?

We ask that members who opt-in to an Affiliate Roundtable commit to showing up for all meetings, being present, and giving full attention to their peers. We also ask for complete confidentiality, openness, curiosity, and vulnerability.

You will learn more about this in detail if you choose to participate in the Affiliate Roundtable program.

For more information, email roundtables@crossfit.com. To opt-in, visit the Affiliate Toolkit.

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