To get programming to your members with minimal copy and pasting, CrossFit Affiliate Programming can be delivered seamlessly through SugarWOD.

If you don't already have a SugarWOD account, you can create a Gym Account by clicking here.

Workout Tracks

CAP includes affiliate and at-home workouts. You can create a Workout Track for each of these programs in SugarWOD if you would like!

Check out the one-time Workout Track setup and programming download process below.

Create Your Tracks

You can either create these tracks as Private Tracks or Public Tracks. To learn more about the difference, check out: Workout Tracks: Private Group vs. Public

You will only need to create these tracks once.

  • Log in to your Gym Account on the web app.

  • Navigate to the Workout dropdown menu, and select “Tracks.”

  • On the Tracks page, you can create and name the tracks as you wish.

Download Your Workouts

On Thursdays, when new programming is available, you will be able to download these workouts to your Programming Calendar in SugarWOD. You can download all of the programming at one time, or just the components you want to download. Check out some more information about that here.

You can download the programming to the Workout of the Day Track, or one of the new Tracks you just created!

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