Calling all affiliate owners! CrossFit HQ's Affiliate Team is working hard to provide fun activities and perks to affiliate owners while in Madison for the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games!

Make sure to stop by the CrossFit Affiliate Booth in Vendor Village to get more info on the CrossFit Affiliate Lounge, an exclusive affiliate owner workout and BBQ, and new this year, a fully functioning affiliate (serving current and hopeful affiliate owners) in Vendor Village just to name a few. Whether you're seeking business help or just a good time, we're here for you and can't wait to greet you.

Wondering how to keep up with all the events? The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games app (available for download upon arrival) will serve as an awesome resource for updates and reminders, complete with a brand new filter exclusively for affiliate owner-only onsite events. Click here for a full schedule.

Can’t make it to Madison this year? This version of the CrossFit Games app will allow you to follow along and experience the Games from the comfort of your home.

CrossFit Affiliate Booth

Make the CrossFit Affiliate Booth your first stop! Located in Vendor Village, drop by to check in and gather your credentials. The Affiliate Team will walk you through the week's presentations, workouts, where everything is located, special deals, happy hours, and more!

Not an affiliate owner, but interested in affiliation? Our onsite team will be there to answer your questions and provide more details.

The CrossFit Affiliate Lounge

As always, every affiliate owner — and their plus-one — will have full complimentary access to the Affiliate Lounge. In the lounge, you can get some exclusive swag, participate in affiliate-centered panels and presentations, watch the live competition on a jumbotron, chat with HQ staff, enter to win raffle prizes, enjoy cold brew coffee, snacks, a private bar, and get out of the heat!

Presentations, Panels, and Parties

Affiliate Community Empowerment Programs (ACEP)

One of the many new ways CrossFit is linking arms with the affiliate owners is through Affiliate Community Empowerment Programs (ACEP). ACEP is a specialized support team that identifies funds to support affiliates housing sustainable community programs and assists in the administrative aspect to bridge the gap between the demographic in need and the affiliate.

You'll hear directly from affiliate owners and experts on how ACEP programs have improved their business health and community health.

Live Roundtables

Just one year after launching, CrossFit Affiliate Roundtables (ART) has thousands of affiliate owners around the globe benefiting from the consistent meetings with fellow owners.

Experience a live Roundtable for yourself onsite at the Games!

The State of CrossFit Education

The Affiliate Team is honored to host a special presentation led by the world's best trainers. This is a great opportunity to chat with the “red shirts” outside of seminars. This will be a time to learn about the origin of CrossFit Education and Training (EDU), its charge, and the resources currently available within EDU, including in-person seminars, online specialty courses, preferred courses, and coaching development to name a few.

Affiliate Owner Workout and BBQ

Throw down on the competition floor, then enjoy complimentary dinner and an open bar alongside CrossFit HQ staff and your affiliate owner family. Located in North Park.

Onsite Happy Hours

Our Affiliate Partner Network (APN) partners want to thank you for your support by providing happy hours sprinkled throughout the weekend. Located in the Affiliate Lounge.

Offsite Happy Hour

Courtesy of the APN, enjoy a happy hour offsite in Madison on Thursday, Aug. 4. The location will be provided onsite.

Affiliate Roundtables “Wine Down"
*For Affiliate Roundtables participants only

After the competition ends Saturday night, meet your Roundtables cohort to enjoy drinks and small bites. Located at the Madison Club.

CrossFit The Affiliate

For the first time ever, the CrossFit HQ Affiliate Team brings an affiliate to life. Visit for more information and schedule updates.

CrossFit APN Booth

Meet your potential partners all in one place! The CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network (APN) strives to make access to these preferred partners easier for our affiliate owners. Make sure to stop by to see how the APN can boost your business — and pick up some goodies.

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